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Thread: internet disconnecting at 4:30 AM

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    internet disconnecting at 4:30 AM

    ok..from the last 2/3 days my internet automatically gets disconnected at 4:30 AM..and today after i re-connected it kept getting disconnected again...could this be the work of a virus or a hacker?I have AVG which i last updated at 9th of this month and i'm updating it once again right now..and i run windows 98..128 MB ram...667 HZ processor.

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    Well, the fact that this occurs at the same time every day could indicate the work of a virus, however the first thing I would check is if your ISP has been performing routine maintanence work. The fact that it is early in the morning would make sense in this case (trying to avoid disruption) and I doubt that a virus would trigger its payload at such an early hour because most people won't be using their machines at that time.
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    More information that would prove helpful in answering this sort of question would be how you connect, what ISP you connect through, if there is a network/router/hub/gateway involved and what sort, how is it set-up, and who manages it? Including information about your firewall would also be very helpful. Is your connection truly being disconnected, interrupted, or is it simply going link-dead? Open pipe, but nothing's going through? If so, can you even ping your ISP? Does re-booting help? In the future, answering these questions can help us diagnose the problem a LOT more thoroughly, quickly and exactly.

    I also doubt that its a virus, because most virus writers don't want to disable internet for a time. They want to leave it open to help spread the virus, or turn it off completely. Turning off the internet at such an early doesn't really help to create a disruption, or serve any purpose that the virus writer might have in mind.
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    I agree that it does not sound like malware at that hour. Nor does it sound like a hacker, as they want to USE your machine, not cut themselves off from it? I also don't think it is a malicious attack or a prank, as it is too early to be effective............those sorts of activity are usually aimed at peak usage times?

    I would talk to your ISP as has been suggested, it could be maintenance (and probably is) but it could be EMP somewhere along the line. I have seen several situations where heavy electrical equipment being started up can cause a computer to crash or a network link to go down. Have you anything new in your building that would start up at that time?

    If it is outside then only the Telco/ISP will be able to trace the source so you do need to talk to them.


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    thanks for all your replies..i run a dial up connection and yeah it completely gets diconnected,and i have to re-connect.I think pwaring is right..a virus won't be disconnectin my internet so early in the morning.It should be my ISP..anyway thank you all for your replies.

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