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    Question Registry contents

    How do I check the contents of my Registry? I am working with Windows XP. I don't want to edit anything just yet, I just want to view what is on there. I have tried to run regedit but the box disappears as soon as it is brought up and when I do get the chance to click on anything I expand it just to see a list of numbers. Also, anyone know of a really good virus scanner? Thanks!!

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    try using regedt32
    Also for Virus scanner u might want to try Symantec

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    Thanks. When I run that program, it brings up folders that I can expand. When I expand them it brings up a list of what looks like file extensions. How do I read or interpret those? How do I see what is in the registry by description? Is there a way? Thanks again!!

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    or go start --->run ----->type regedit


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    Since you are learning, and trying to understand your registry, you should get this: It is a program called Hijackthis and is used by many to determine if changes have been made to the registry. There is a button on it that says "Info on selected item" .
    That should get you started on understanding part of your registry.
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    Whenever I run regedt32 the box opens up and then a few seconds later closes. This happens over and over again. How do I keep this from happening?

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    His problem seems to be more security related to me as his regdit dialog box dissapeers automatecally after a few seconds ;almost every body neglected this fact.

    A few Virus are known to do this(Dissapeering of regedit and Msconfig box after 5 or so seconds) e.g W32.HLLW.Kefy , W32.HLLW.Cydog@mm , Backdoor.IRC.Yoink.A ,Backdoor.Volac.dr, W32.Kwbot.R.Worm.

    Okay first i would suggest perform an online Antivirus Scan from HouseCall so if it finds a few of them. Tell us if it dosent solve the dissapeering problem.

    And second you asked for a good antivirus i think Housecall online scan can be a good Solution. The only problem is it dosent provide round the clock protection that a perment AV can provide so i would suggest AVG. I mean the compination of both. Use AVG as a permenant Antivirus and perform Weekly or so Online Scans by Housecall.

    If you want to know more about Registary you should read the following links

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