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    Originally posted here by hodzic
    is it possible to disable?????... so they cant check stuff on my PC
    Its possible but not easy. Best bet is keep your damn nose clean in the first place. I mean what are you in fear of the cops for?

    And when I have a failed drive, only because I dont like the possibility of information being taken off it, about my businesses and such (find a exact model drive, in a clean/sterile enviroment with the right tools, and repair it by combining the drives... easier said than done but very possible) I simply put a magnet to it, then blowtorch it. NO ONE will read that drive again.
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    depending on who is doing the forensics would be a better anwser for the "can it be disabled" if it is an agency like the FBI, then NO because what they will do is recreate data that used to be written by looking at the tracks of the hard drive and seeing the edges since the heads of the hard drive doesn't always go over the same place of the track (it does have a little bit of leeway) they will see the 1's and 0's and can restore them and from there re-read what was once there.

    if it is your company or just random people, then the anwser is yes, just overwrite your drive a couple times or do a couple of low level formats (just to be safe) and clear out the mbr (just in case again)

    if you are really paranoid, then you probably shouldn't be getting into trouble unless you want to make your drives "disposable" and destroy them when you are done

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    The answer is NO. You can't disable or prevent someone from analyzing the PC. Depending on the tools used and skill level of the operator you're data will most likely be found. Companies are outsourcing for this expertise when legal action is a possibility.

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    Hmmm I think they look for stuff like log files, websites you have been to, tasks performned on your computer, software you have. Stuff like that, im not an expert at this by anymeans i just figured it give my 2 cents lol.
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    There are tools out there that can help reduce the amount of information that is retrievable. One particular that I have used is BCWipe.

    This program can be run in two fashions. The first will wipe your clean space. This is the space where no current data is supposed to be residing. Of course when most OS's delete files they just delete the FAT entry and not the actual data so this will remove the data by overwritting it 7 times (of more if you want). The other manor is a full drive overwrite. This will completely overwrite the entire drive 7 times (or more again).

    Of course like said before, if you personally need this kind of information removal, then you're probably doing something you shouldn't have been doing in the first place.

    Some useful applications of this are, erasing cache on public computers to remove the possibility of recovering personal data from a user, erasing personal data from a drive that is going to be sold or given away or even thrown away, or in the case of the gov't to remove classified information from a drive.

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    or in the case of the gov't to remove classified information from a drive.
    HDD's with classified info on, that fail, are destroyed, totally and physically destroyed.

    Deep frozen for 24 hrs, then a meeting with the incinerator, at all times there are personnel around who physically confirm the destruction of said media. Extreme. Yes, but for cases of national security there are no limits, and no budget constraints.
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    Not in all cases. Top Secret containing drives yes. Secret containing drives and lower can just be wiped. Or atleast thats the procedure where I'm at.

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