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    Question Blocking Downloads

    I am running Windows ME and i just got ride of some spyware do to my lil brother d/l porn and i was wondering if their is a way on WinME if i can just block downloading on his user name and on the default Login

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    Find third party software, though I'm not sure what. There may be some registry tweaks, but that's not worth the trouble. If I find some software for you, I'll post it.
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    Windows Millenium is a home is totally insecure when physical access is allowed......You might be able to install a "child security" software add on? but you are really exposed if "the enemy is within"

    Removeable hard drives?.............then he dies and you can still use the machine?

    If he is downloading pornography............I would strongly recommend that you inform your parents...........they will face the are loyal to your little bro..............bollocks.............anyways if you were my eldest son I would beat you five times harder for not being responsible and telling me.

    I am NOT SORRY this is a "big boys site" so you have to accept us and respect that we have our views?

    Errrrrr.....I think that you share a house with people who provide the computer, the heat, light...send you to school.........sort it with your bro...........or tell your parents.....if he persists...tell them IS your DUTY.

    And I speak as a younger brother

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    Nihil the parent think want work simply for the fact that he lives with me my lil bro is 18 and just moved in

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