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Thread: Favorite game.

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    Originally posted here by Cybr1d
    I'm co-leading our AntiOnline counterstrike clan...gotta get a piece of that every day ...besides, pwning Jarrod is quite relaxing. Stop by guys, its a fun server, donations are greatly appreciated.
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    Too hard to say my favorite game.
    Here is just some:
    1.Counter Strike (PC)
    2.Ragnarok Online(PC)
    3.Unreal Tournament and mods of it(PC)
    4.Battlefield 1942(PC)
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    *Sigh* I never played Unreal Tournament but heard it was good as hell. I'ma try it out some day
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    My all time favorite games are

    PC: BattleField 1942: Desert Comabt, BattleField:Vietnam
    Xbox: Splinter Cell
    PS/2: GTA: Vice city

    Join our CS server, or our BattleField1942: Desert Combat server, or our COD server

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    Best game of all time: tetris
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