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Thread: A new way to word wrap...

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    A new way to word wrap...

    Not that it's a huge deal.... I know it's kind of annoying when hyperlinks screw up the formatting of the forum (at least I think that's what does it)

    Anyway, I was browsing a vBulletin site, and they had a solution for it that I thought might be nice..


    Third post..


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    Hm, interesting idea. The way AO works now, if a url is turned into a link and it's too long, it should be truncated to something like: www.long...link.com.

    If a url is supposed to be linked, it won't be hot if it's placed in a textarea. If you're referring to urls that shouldn't be hot, that's something else I suppose. Does that happen very often? urls which aren't supposed to be hot and which are long enough to screw up page formatting?

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    I don't know about often, but it seems to me that it's how the formating gets hosed from time to time. There were a few other posts that the formatting got wide, but I can't recall any of those right off the top of my head, or if it was because of a URL.


    I did it here yesterday..

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