Hi, ive just got a question...coz im not sure how it happened. Im the network administrator of an internet shop. The shop has 10 computers linked together (cable connection) and they get their internet connection through a DSL router. Im using a LINKSYS router, and as far as i am aware, there havent been any recent vulnerabilities discovered with that type of router have there? Ive heard of the CISCO vulnerabilities, but none yet from LINKSYS so far. The problem was, all of a sudden, ive lost my access to my router! The password (which i foolishly forgot to change from its default :admin was changed and now i have no access to it at all. The internet connection is still ok, but the router config is inaccessible. I have already discovered how to regain control of it, i just want some expert advice from others here on how it possibly happened. Is this a typical hacking attempt? What ways can be employed to trace the IP of a host computer (coz whoever hacked into my router config and changed the password had to know my IP address) ? Thanks in advance for any advice!