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Thread: Wargames Complete Series: PDF

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    Wargames Complete Series: PDF

    Here is the PDF as promised. Man, it was long!!! 24+ pages after formatting!

    If you have any problems with it, let me know.
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    Awesome! What more can I say?!

    I can't wait to get some copies printed off and get this "project" rolling!

    We're gonna have phun!
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    Since the powers that be have decided that its illegal for me to attack unsuspecting systems on the Internet (damn those powers that be), I will have to build a target network at home.

    As soon as I finish construction of the target network I can begin to learn from these Wargames tutorials. I downloaded the complete PDF for printing and future reference.

    Thank You

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    Awesome. MsM just wrote a book. 24 pages is pretty big. Thank you MsM. Of course Im printing a hard copy too, you never know what might happen.

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    Re: Wargames Complete Series: PDF

    this is great thanks.

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    this is really cool, now im in a pickle as to what to do with all my bits of computer ive been collecting,

    My plan was to build a beowulf cluster, but now im kinda thinking about this , although thinking about it all i need to do is remove the disks to turn it into a beowulf and then dual boot or have 2 HD's on the computer that would be the master node,

    now you've got me thinking

    muhhahahaha endless posibilitys!


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    I can't wait to print this baby off! hehe, It'll make for some excellent reading! Nice job writing this MsM... 24 pages is quite alot. Keep up the great work

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    Just what I've been waiting for. Thanks. I'm going to have some fun and learn alot.

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    I must download this!

    Thanks again and again, MsMittens. I would have had nothing more to do than sleeping tonight without this tutorial

    edit: In the 3rd page of your tutorial, the good expression is "du jours", and not "de jours".
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