hey nihil,

this isn't the first time you are making such accusations, perhaps you are one of them in need of social engineering to crack a system or so, but i'm just here to learn something from this site, and answers like you give them will most likely scare people away from this site!!!!

and another thing, i don't think that your in such a position to tell me what to do, if i want do something illegal with the things i've learned, then that's my choice, and my responsibility, not yours or anyone else!!!

but don't worry, i wouldn't even take a look in someone elses system without him knowing it, it just isn't right!!!

b.t.w. if i rename the taskmgr to something like taskmgr.old, windows will still keep overwriting my file as far as i see, so what will that help?? i already got a backup though from the file AND from my harddisk....

but to learn something is to test, and to test is to make misstakes..... so what??? how else will i learn?