Hello there.

Just out of interest, I am trying to hack a share on my brothers computer. We're connected in a gigabit LAN. I have tried lots of different programs, but none seem to do the job properly. What I need is a FAST program with a true brute forcing ability (no dictionaries and crap).

I have tried:
Brutus - got an error that lots of other people seem to get too... Netbios error 0 something
PwlTool - too ****in slow (35 passwords a second on gigabit lan?!). says so in the readme too
xIntruder, Legion - can only crack shares on Win95/98/ME
enum - uses a dictionary (the password is not in one...)
enum+ - can't get my hands on it! if anyone has it, please let me know!

Do any of you have a personal favorite? I have no idea why I can't seem to find any good tools to do this, as I see it as a relatively (given good knowledge on the subject) simple task to generate all possible character variations of a given length and try all of them on a specific username at a just as relatively high speed.

Please help me out if you can?