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    Novkhan, Try Here for Symantec's online Subscription/LiveUpdate help.
    I hate to say it but I don't think there's a way around having to deal with Customer Support.

    You got to remember Novkhan, if it were that easy to just change some parameters in the registy in order to 'un-expire' Norton via date change, well, I think they would have gone belly up financially as no one would ever need to purchase yearly subscriptions anymore .
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    When I used NAV 5.0, it was possible to get a year free of virus updates anytime by uninstalling/reinstalling. Along came NAV 7.0 (2001), and one could get a year of
    free virus definitions only if the uninstallation/reinstallation took place before the end
    of the one year updates that Symantec gave with the product. I haven't tried to
    get free virus definition updates with NAV 2003 and won't buy NAV 2004.

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    Originally posted here by nihil

    A general comment on AV and firewall products.

    As they are there to protect your system, they load on boot up (if you use the default installation). To properly uninstall them you need to do it in safe mode and probably manually delete a folder or two as well (usually inC:\program files\)

    I don't know if this still works, but if you download a trial version of McAfee it may spot Norton and offer to kill it for you You can then uninstall McAfee and re-install your Norton.

    Another approach is to get a "registry cleaner" application. If you uninstall Norton and run that it should automatically find the "orphan" entries so that you can remove them. I would recommend backing up the registry before you use this software, particularly if it is the first time.

    Hope that helps

    EDIT: http://www.registry-clean.net/

    That one has a 15 day trial, you should be able to find others, and free ones if you google for "freeware" and "shareware" sites.
    www.registry-clean.net/ works !
    Thanks Everyone

    But this reg cleaner only survive for 15 days , than you have to pay!
    Any freeware out there who work just like him!
    Will to Learn

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    That would depend on your operating system?


    That works with9x/ME/Win2000..............you are running Win2000 I think?

    The download is the green writing on the right below the CD (the site is in Russian!)

    EDIT: sorry that link seems to be down now. Please try this:


    It is in English

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