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Thread: Monitoring Ports

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    Monitoring Ports

    Hello everyone,

    How would I monitor the ports of my computer? I want to see what activities are going on at different ports.

    Please Help.

    Stay Tuned

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    Hi there,
    try this iste and download antiyports from there(recommendet to me by antionline member)
    or try google for fport.
    good luck


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    Well.. starting simplistically, a utility like netstat (both Windows and *nix based utility) would help. Portmon from Sysinternals might be a good choice on Windows while Portsentry is often used on the Linux end (Interesting side note: Psionic, who used to develop this seems to be part of Cisco now... I think I missed the Media release). SecurityFocus has a nice selection of network monitoring tools. Many firewalls will also monitor port activity so even a simple firewall like Sygate might be helpful.
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    I agree to what MsMittens said.
    I use Sygate Personal Firewall myself, and I like it a lot. Free firewall that gives you full/advanced control.

    Another very small little handy freeware utility if you just want to monitor the ports activity is Active Ports from SmartLine:


    They also got some other neat tools.

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    Re: Monitoring Ports

    Originally posted here by chaitanya
    How would I monitor the ports of my computer? I want to see what activities are going on at different ports.
    I'll assume you want network ports...

    If you want a good free utility that is like the built in NETSTAT but also shows you what process has the network ports open (TCP & UDP) then check out Open Ports by DiamondCS here http://www.diamondcs.com.au/openports/

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