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Thread: relaying not allowed

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    relaying not allowed

    hello friends!
    a kind request from me to solve my problem!

    i was infact trying to forge an e-mail.I connected to my outgoing SMTP address and i did the following:

    telnet 25 (i did)
    220 xxxxxxxxxx ESMTP
    helo user (i did)
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxx OK
    mail from: (i did)
    Address OK
    rcpt to: (i did)
    Relaying not allowed

    please tell a way to hack into the server and to prevent this message! "relaying not allowed". PLEASE!!!!!!!!
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    What makes you think we are going tell you how to "HACK" into any server? Take a quick look around, this is a Security site, most of the people here are in the business of preventing kiddies like you from getting into servers.

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    Oh good grief....

    I know this isn't going to be very helpful.... but setting up relays on a server that you don't have permission to use tends to make people very angry....

    And when I say angry, I mean the kind of angry that tends to involve law enforcement and jail time...

    And when I say jail time, I mean the kind of place where "ankle grabber" takes on a whole new meaning...

    I'd suggest you read the folowing:

    Then dust yourself off and try again.
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    why tha hell would you come to a security website that is loaded with hidden fbi agent's and whatnot (law enforcement official's as groovicuz put it) and ask how to hack into any server. ****in' skiddie..
    Space For Rent.. =]
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    Sorry to those who want to keep negging him but I cant leave this open, its just, well lets just say go to and dont return.
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