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Thread: Books!!!!!!

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    The C++ book by Strouspe (spelling), the guy who basically made/invented C++. I find it better as a refrence than a book to learn from, but that just may be because I have done programming, namely C++ before.


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    i ll post more

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    c++ for dummies
    visual c++ in 20 steps

    Working with ms-dos 5.0 } got those with my first pc wich was a 286
    ms-dos pc-dos }

    cisco networking basics and routing basics

    2 cd filled with tutorials on lost of things.
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    Let's see...on my shelf I've got:

    Revolutionary guide to Assembly Language
    C Primer Plus
    PERL programmer's black book
    Mastering Java 1.1
    Javascript: The Definitive Guide
    Effective AWK programming
    Learning VBScript
    HTML 4 for dummies
    10 minute guide to HTML 4
    Presenting XML
    Dictionary of computer and internet terms
    Pocket Ref
    Pocket PCRef
    Applied cryptography
    Practical cryptography
    The Code Book
    In C0de
    Discrete Mathematics
    Hacking: The Art of Exploitation
    The Art of Deception

    There are some others I'll update this with when I get home and actually can see the books.
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    Computer Networks, Third Edition by Andrew S. Tanenbaum from 1996(May seem outdate but is not...by much at least ).
    A 750+ pages long book that will teach you the "basics"

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    Troubleshooting MicroSoft Technologies by Chris Wolf.
    covers Windows server 2003, W2K, WXP, Office, AD and so on.
    700 pages,lots of detail (DHCP, DNS, WINS, TCP/IP, you get the picture).

    IMHO the Dummies range are a little too fuzzy? although the PC for dummies is useful for the non-tech friends to borrow.

    Also have 'Unix made easy' ????????????? obviously a spelling mistake

    And a shelf full of Quantum Physics books by John Gribben, great writer, and a good subject to get a feel for if cryptography is your thing(unbreakable code; due to the basic law in the quantum world, that to observe, is to change).
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    Hacking Exposed (any of the series)
    Incident Response: Ivestigating computer crime
    "safe book" Pratical UNIX and Internet security O'rielly
    Any of the Sam's Teach Yourself Series
    UNIX Network Programming volume I
    Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment
    Linux Socket Programming by Example
    "the Camel book" O'reilly perl book
    Computer Networks
    TCP/IP Illustrated volumes I & II

    "Snail book" O'rielly SSH

    Any books by Peltier, Thomas R.

    Some of these are considered to be the "bibles of the trade"

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    My $.02...

    Not quite a book, but a link with a bunch of free ones, and many for download. I think it's a good reference. They're broken down by topic. Enjoy.


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