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    If you realy want to modify services you should go for an open source platform and change some source and recompile the service
    That does not:

    1. Solve the question of how to modify Windows services
    2. Prove that an open source platform can do something windows can not.

    The facts:

    1. Windows CAN alter services, just like an open source platform, and just as easily.
    2. The question has been answered, solved, and expanded upon.
    3. Because of one and two, there is NO reason to switch OSes. Any OS can accomplish the same goal in the end, even if it uses different routes.

    as with your previous thread... on Windows you don't modify any services..
    you just configure what was given by the grace of Microsoft (config pannel etc)..
    I trust the registry editing tool, the control panel, manual configuration files, resource checking, memory checking, and logs in Windows as much as I trust that the simple configuration files in *nix to show COMPLETE documentation on each setting, feature, and configuration option. Both have risks, but it isn't how you whine about it, it is how you come to master those tools to make the most and best out of either situation.

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    so if ur admin why aren't you just stopn the service?
    if you want to get other processes still workin even if they'd been killed ,
    try firedaemon (plz google yourself)

    instsrv / srvany won't help ,
    it's just a startup as service.
    you may stop the service and the process will stay
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    i already stopped the service, but i wanted to remove it manually... just to know how it works...

    but i'll check firedeamon, maybe it's something usefull....

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    How to remove a service..

    You'll MODIFIED your registry! Be SURE of what you'll do. I use to delete Oracle8 Client Service this way so I'll probably work on other service.

    Check the Registry :

    Basically, all the HKEY__LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CONTROLSET***\Services. On my computer (Xp Pro, I have CONTROLSET001 and CONTROLSET003 but I saw some computer have 001 and 002)

    Those keys created service. You'll need to research that key created that service but this should be a good start for you. You need to delete the key on all Controlset*** for it to work.
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    thanks, i'll go test it right away!

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