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Thread: an e-mail w/o an unsubscribe link

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    One thing I can suggest is read my tutorial on fighting back against spammers. But in order for that not to be a pain in the ass is to catch it early. If your already getting hundreds of spam, don't bother cause it will be a pain in the ass .

    My tutorial isn't the greatest written tutorial but the info will do you well. You can get to the tutorial by clicking the "1" next to the "Security Tutorials Written:" in the left hand side of this post.
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    e-mails and spam...

    there is a ton of info on the web about protecting yourself from spam, including this site,
    but here is another useful link. You'll find a good tutorial in the left column.


    But probably the best advice has already been dispensed with, namely deleting the old account and creating a new one (send it to "bit"-heaven). Now that you are armed with the knowledge and experience, you can manage your account better. Also, set up extra accounts for those occasions where you want to subscribe to a site. Like that you'll have a better chance of maintaining some privacy on the account that matters to you and when you delete accounts that have proven to be a pest, you won't have to loose your 'good' contacts.

    It would be a great idea to declare a "Delete your e-mail account day". Everybody deletes
    the pesky accounts 'en masse'. The spammers would have a heart-attack. No more database,
    less revenue, and more headaches for them. Not 100% effective, but worth a try!!!

    The idea gets better and better, the more I think of it.....yeah, "Delete your e-mail account day".

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    here's how it works:
    you create a new account, e-mail the new account details to your friends and contacts that are important to you, then prepare yourself for a break from spam. You just might feel a bit lonely out there without the spam (the 'you've got mail' twist), but hey, what better way to fight back. Hit 'em were it hurts most, their database.

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    Re: an e-mail w/o an unsubscribe link

    Originally posted here by Ushema
    I have problems with spam coming in my yahoo mail.supposedly, the bulkmail folder is supposed to absorb the incoming spam.if not, the subscriptions should have that link where u can unsubscribe at any time. So here's the question: Is there or are there laws, particularly in the U.S. that requires those newsletters and other sites that send e-mails to provide an unsubscribe link to all the e-mails they send? If there are, where can i find a documentation of that in the net so i could suggest it to our lawmakers here in the philippines. Thanks for the help.


    A finger in the dyke of Spam but............(no pun intended)

    In many cases when you register for an account , they will include subscription prompts. Be sure to unclick anything you do not want mailed to you.

    Remember it may just seem easy to say "done", but you will always regret not being careful enough to read the "fine" print during any registration process. Most Pages have a "we will never sell, or give your adress to anyone" statement.

    Many of them are full of shiz.

    Good luck man.

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