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    how to set up an iis server

    i'm gonna attemp to set up a web server on win2k i have read many tutorials but i have some questions

    firewall = watchguard soho firewall 6

    1. is it bad idea to set it up behind the firewall on the same machine that handles active directory & DNS for the internal network

    2. if so ... and i set it up on a different machine ... should i set it up on the outside of the firewall. i really have no idea how to do this since the firewall has no DMZ port .. only wan and 5 internal ports (only 2 are used of those... one for internal switch, second to wireless access point)

    any ideas

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    1. Yes

    2. Get a second IP from your ISP.

    3. Buy a $60 Linksys to protect your internal machine(s) from the web server... That would create a DMZ.
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    hey one website to keep in mind is http://www.iis-resources.com

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    if i have to set up a iis server on a different physical machine that would mean that i have to buy another copy of windows 2000 server ... true or not

    or just use apache on linux

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    Originally posted here by rabit
    if i have to set up a iis server on a different physical machine that would mean that i have to buy another copy of windows 2000 server ... true or not
    True. You'll need a license for every server you run.
    or just use apache on linux
    That would be a cheap (but very good!) alternative.
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    If I recall correctly step one in setting up a IIS server is taking a large dose of valium..
    Step two had something to do with selling your soul to the devil...

    but realy..

    Your firewall should be able to use port forwarding to enable you to use just any box in your network to feed any port (for example.. serves port 80 while is port 22 on the outside)

    Read up in the manual of your firewall..

    Also setting up multiple services like active directory (indoor "private documents") and webserver (outdoor) on one box might not be too good an idea..
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    Run ISS LockDown Tool on the IIS Server! And patch it!!
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