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Thread: makeing my own decrypts tools

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    If they use telnet and you are on te same lan.. you can easily grab the password..

    I won't tell you how.. but you can easily find out by searching the forums..
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    I know not all router use ssh.If i ren right.

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    don't forget about snmp...

    if private and/or public are still configured as snmp-server community strings (or you know what the non-default configured string might be), then one can grab the configuration via snmp. I believe you only need to have 'read' access to pull the config, but I may be mistaken on that point.

    this is where the kind of tool that Phish pointed out is useful.

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    I think i try to wrtie my own script then.

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    Wait, password's for vty sessions are sent as plaintext? I had no idea. So is it a mistake to rely on enable secret or should ssh be configured to secure the telnet login?

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