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    very nice tut one of the best I've read here.
    I think every admin should be taking a deeper look into this soon to be nightmare.
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    As someone already said, this is only really usable on Windows which generates the same hash for a particular password across systems. However, on *NIX systems, a "salt" value is added before hashing the password. This prevents the same hash from (technically) ever being generated for that password. So, rainbowcrack and the like are useless unless you know the salt.

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    hey, just wanted to let you know, aside from this being an incredibly interesting read, this is actually the first thread i saw on this forum (i'm an AO n00b). thanks for the great info, i've been reading the text you linked to (all 38 pages worth), learning a lot of things i never knew until yesterday! i've definitely been wanting to get my hands wet with some new security info as such, so this is a good way for me to begin. thanks again


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