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I think you may be misunderstanding just a little. untuchable-me isn't talking about a reformat and clean install... if you reinstall windows over the existing windows, it will (should) fix anything that has been corrupted....

Not that I am any expert, but it sounds like something has been corrupted... a reinstall should fix it.

A silly question.. did you update/install anything before this happened? Hardware, software.... did you uninstall anything?? This kind of event doesn't just usually "happen" with no warning unless there is a hardware failure of some kind, and even then, you usually have some kind of warning.
Reinstall my Graphic Driver from my Driver CD!
Than......came the Blue Screen of Death!

Maybe, i should remove my graphic driver, maybe that will help!

Hmm.. By the way, what does that "PAGE FAULT _IN_NONPAGED AREA" problem in my first post reffering to?