ok here we go...

I'm running Win XPhome... 1.8GHzprocessor...128MB PC2100 DDR SDRAM... 40gig hhd (can u tell im a noob yet?? lol i know all this cause its written on the front of my box.)

I've tried Norton AV & got rid of it cause it slugged my boxs cpu & generally kept annoying me every 15mins or so... (when i ran a full AV scan system re-booted )

also tried VET which was gr8 for the cpu but i felt it didnt really do a thorough job even when it did a complete scan (which was rare)

i now run TDS-3, which slugs the cpu, but picked up things that the others missed, before it re-booted that is.(happy with that bit not happy that when its running i cant do anything else )...

but... & here they come... when i run it, TDS-3, it re-boots the system
it doesnt re-boot in 'safe mode' (didnt try the others in 'safe mode')

i have removed all other AVs from the system prior to re-running TDS-3 & it still re-boots (but doesnt re-boot in 'safe mode')

so... can someone please explain to me what 'safe mode' actually is & therefore maybe explain to me why it doesnt re-boot while in this mode?

a few people had suggested that it might be an overheating problem but now i'm not so sure??

"am thinking im getting in over my head."