This could be in the MS security forum as well, but I thought of posting here first, since it really was about the AV not getting updates anymore.

Well, I ran the McAfee AV and noticed that it was stuck in the update process. At first I thought that it may have to do with the web-site being too busy, but I could access the site
directly thru IE with no problem. OK, maybe a corrupt dll, so I tried to repair the program with the CD. I got an error message that said I had a problem with an installer file. and a path to an AV executable not being there..???

I just could not uninstall the program. This got to be irritating since it was a bad variable to have on the box. Fortunately "Korpdeath" had shown me how to create a ghost image of my harddrive, and after backing up some files that I had created recently and transferring them to the backup drive I copied the image over the C:/ drive. Rather painless and fast. That image didn't have the AV installed yet, so I reloaded McAfee AV, got the updates, and went on a hunt.
Not much of a hunt, since serendipity offered an explanation. I had been investigating my Temp folders in 'Local Settings' and came across a possible explanation....

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\"144903.msi"

This is the Windows Installer Package for McAfee Virus Scan and I remember having emtied out
all my Temp folders just maybe this had something to do with it.

I am still not certain, so maybe someone may have a bit of info on the ins and outs of deleting items in that particular folder. It would be much appreciated. I know I was clean in regards to any nastiness on the box. This was more or less expected by myself, since I'm constantly trying to break the box, just hacking away at all kinds of things. Break it, fix it, break it, fix it...
Truly a kid in the sandbox.