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Thread: Google as a Hacking Tool

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    Yeah, I was sort of surprised when I couldn't find any pre-existing tutorials about this, which is why I wrote it.
    I agree that the topic has been raised on numerous occasions, but only "in passing" or as a part of some other topic, exploit discussion or whatever (well that which I have personally read, anyway).

    I think that it was a valid and useful effort to bring it together in one place.

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    The google cache function is indeed a nifty tool, for instance you can read protected word docs from sites without the need for a password thx to the google cache

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    Thumbs up

    I'm new to this site and IT security have to say I found this tutorial very interesting. I had never heard of using google like that before.

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    A goodpost about the google search used for hacking or acessing the information

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    Thanks i hadnt come accross such an easy to understand version of this

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    Originally posted here by hellforgedangel
    Thanks i hadnt come accross such an easy to understand version of this
    yeah. i agree.

    and i know nothing

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    Unhappy Too Bad

    It's only the google , that is good ! do u wanan to crack it also ?

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    Re: Too Bad

    Originally posted here by psindia
    It's only the google , that is good ! do u wanan to crack it also ?

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    To echo mjk, umm.... what?

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    Maybe he smokes crack sold by google? Or maybe that's me and I have no idea what the heck he's talking about... Huh. Oh well.
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