Is 11 days really that long to patch millions of users world wide ?.
Yes and no. While this time frame was kind of slim, it doesn't excuse alot of big corperations. For example I mentioned in a previous post, this virus/worm caused massive havoc at the local grocery stores. The only form of currency accepted was cash. No credit, debit, coupons, or food stamps. They had freezer failure because all the controls were electronic w/o manual overrides. The inventory scanners did not function. This went on for three days.

Then at my place of employment. UUmm, I build business jets. Most of the information is company secret. But for some reason we fell victim to sasser. If this virus had carried a server with it's payload there would of been an even greater problem. I am positive one of our competitors would love to take a glimpse at our blueprints, schematics, and standard processes. Honda just purchased a jet from us, so they could disassemble it, and crate it to ship it back home.

I guess my point is this. And the point has been mentioned already. If these systems were either patched, or firewalled there would of been no problem. Personally I downloaded the patch, experiencing problems after which I removed it. And fell back to firewall as protection.

Be safe and stay free