Ok i ran it on a test machine . Now lets see what i have got . a compute whit all the display driver gone , the network settins , drivers adapters gone. and my internet explorer is F**ked up i am still trying to repare it , IE was the worst hit by this thing all the setting are gone .

and As yet everything else seems to be fine. i reconfigured them and it's again working. and i am still tring access the damages. and the exe has a cool icon though .

The virus came with a self explanimg text file disturd wow when did the virus writes started doing that. and the funny icon too . and i don't think it's spreading or something . it's some kind of program to **** up some things on your system nothing else . i might be wrong but it's highly unlikely for somebody to write such thing with a cool icon .

and my AVG didn't detect nor did housecall.