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Thread: Small Network

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    Originally posted here by scriptkiddie18
    ok i got both set up...but one question, i set my drive on my desktop to be shared on the network but i cant see it on the laptop...?
    Are both the desktop and laptop on the same subnet? Part of the same work group?
    You said net send won't work, how about ping and ipconfig?
    You mention 2 nic cards, are the two computers networked together and the router, or each to the router only?

    Have you established that you can access all shared folders without the firewall in place?

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    Hey all...i know it has been some time since this thread started and finished w00t, but i just wanted to let ya know i followed that advice to start it all over again and to set up laptop 1st and if its all ok then set up the desktop and now it all works...internet and filesharing, pinking is great too
    thanks all

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    Ive had the same problem with my D-Link router, but i found out it blocks every thing, soi made some firewall rules that allow LAN pc's to use certain ports e.g 135 etc, you could allways give that a try
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