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well first i want 2 say hi 2 everyone on this site coz im new here and think this site is wicked!

and second i have a few things that i would like help with from a hacker if they dont mind..plz!

1. can u give me a code for hackin into hotmail and yahoo plz

2. can u give me a code for some viruses, worms, trojan horses and other stuff like that plz that i could forward 2 ppl?

and finally...

3. could sum1, any1 hack into the school computers near me and **** 'em up, i can give out passwords and usernames, e-mail addresses, usernames, passwords, thousands of credit card numbers,etc.

Have you been around on Hackers.com . If yes, I hope you'll find this site as helpfull as I did.

Good luck.