Enjoy failing that question on the CISSP, SSCP, and CISA exams
That seems to be one of your default answers on several of your threads. Demonstrating the ability to Cut & Paste really is not too impressive these days.

The proper categorizations are: (by generation)

1. Packet Filtering
2. Application Level
3. Stateful Inspection
4. Dynamic Packet Filtering
5. Kernel Proxy
You were doing so well at constructively contributing. But why didn’t you provide the definitions as well? Lack of Attention to Detail! Blissful ignorance does provide you with an outstanding party though.

…no reason to drag the naive down with you…Which is more than I can say…
It is nonsensical to place labels upon folks and it demonstrates you have an ego issue. The rest of the world is not beneath you. Nor are we fixated on exam questions.

…my reputation speaks for itself
You couldn’t have posted a truer statement!

I was going ot do a longr reply and speel check just fo you, but i wsa ina hurry.
I guess we need someone to do an age check before you are allowed to post.