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Thread: Firewalls: Hardware and Software

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    "*sigh*"...............that is pretty unusual around here?.............errrr......only its arrogance chsh and its arrogance catch seem to use it?..............maybe PWC have offices in the USA as well as Canada?

    Dual account?

    You see we have not heard from its arrogance chsh for a while? (no Tiger~, I did not put a contract on him )

    But all of a sudden, catch rears up again?

    Maybe I am paranoid, but I worked for PWC over here for a while............I have a pension that will start in 5 years

    I audit everything...............

    My views folks........................

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    The Gauntlet PDF makes the beforementioned generations all quite clear. I managed to find that PDF without having to send an email!

    Adaptive Proxy Architecture
    Dynamic Packet Filter
    Stateful Packet Inspection
    Application Proxy Firewall
    You can read about those, if you care about what's correct. I found it to be good info.

    Second-Generation Firewall Architectures

    GOD, I've read all types of PDF goodies, studies funded by DARPA about these generations.

    nihil: I guess I could rewrite my comment using different words, but it would still be the same.

    Yup, Sure do. A firewall is this thing that helps keep things out of your computer. That about half of what I try to get through to people... I really don't think that requires touching on different types of firewalls? Correct me if I'm wrong and you've worked with more rednecks than I have, but they don't have the greatest attention span for much of anything technical.
    Ha, rednecks are from another galaxy far, far away from him I'd bet (silicon valley). Grunt, if you’re dealing with rednecks that can't comprehend, why are you trying to explain technical terminology? Wouldn't the logical route be, hey Billy, I'm going to try and make your computer better, let's flip a coin. This heads or tails will decide what "Brand-name-software-firewall" we'll be using today. Assuming you'll be using a free "Brand-name-software-firewall", flip a coin they're all pretty much the same. [joke] Not that you care.

    For these folks, It's how many computers/devices you have. If you have more than computer, or device that needs/wants interenet, you should go with a router, which doubles as a hardware firewall, so that you don't have to buy a firewall for each device, and so that you don't have to buy a hub.
    I'm going out on a limb here and saying that would likely be (SPI)? Not that you care.

    Does it really freaking matter? I'm trying to get SOMETHING put on their computer to reduce the number of bots, zombies, worms, etc. I could care less, they could care less.
    If them and you "could careless", why are you trying to explain past "Billy I'm going to try a make your computer better"?

    PS: I still hold that the word common isn't synonymous with correct.

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    I have two servers, which are collocated at an ISP. One is a production server with email and an extranet and the other is a backup - development server. There are no client workstations.

    There are obviously a number of experts here. What would you recommend as the most cost effective solution?

    What is your opinion of the Fortigate 60, which is what we are considering purchasisng?



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    You should really start a new thread if you want good help...
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    Thanks. I will do that.


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