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    Hard driver killer pro from munga bunga (hackology.com) destroy data not the physical drive.

    Although i have no idea how do to it from a batch file, you can "force" a disk drive until break in assembly (i believe that i C is possible too). You just create a chain of seek commands that force the arm to scan disk from begin to end continously. Evently you will stress it and it will broke (after hundreds of thousands continously seeks)

    The idea that turn off / turn on disk drive sounds better. Start up/shutdown activities of a disk drive, running each minute, will definitely crash disk (maybe faster than seek stress)

    AMD processor that are protected by MB can be burned if their fans are powered off. Just turn off MB protection and run CPU BURN. However, I have no idea how to change those BIOS parameters (like Dragon CPU heat protection) from inside O.S.

    Im not sure that we can toast a RAM bank just overusing it. Im asking some guy at University here about that.

    Just for fun, you can use Wizmo from Gibson, to run that open/close activity for your CD ROM.
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    There was another thread about this previously.

    But anyway:
    1. Flashing the bios
    2. Flashing anything else (video, HD, CDrom can be flashed in most cases)
    3. Consuming printer consumables etc
    4. Any commands to the CPU/mobo to cause it to overheat - unlikely to be effective, most CPUs will stop making heat once they get so hot they crash
    5. wearing out FDs, CDROMs by physically moving too much.
    6. Seeking devices beyond the end, breaking the mechansim. Only generally possible on CDs and HDs if you reflash the device software to do this (not directly controllable from host). Some floppy drives can be killed this way though.
    7. Making a picture on the monior which causes it to "burn" the screen. Not possible on most modern monitors
    8. Making a very loud or high noise which blows up speakers (or causes human to destroy them out of annoyance)
    9. CDRs - giving the write command on non-writeable discs, or discs which are already written - most models would require reflashing to do this.


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