Hello Everyone,
I'm having a strange problem... I'm on dial-up, running windows XP. I have Norton Virus scan and I keep my definitions constantly updated... Yet I noticed something a little strange today. Whenever i turn my computer on, it automatically tries to dial to the net... And it looks like a VB app that is trying to access the net. Also, Whenever i connect to the net, I get on average 2 pop ups everytime I open a new internet window.. or whenever the net is open for longer than approximatly 10 mins :S I just did a symantec online virus scan and it found nothing... I also ran the freeware version of AdAware, and it found nothing but the usual cookies I'm a little nervous about this problem now... Am I being hijacked??? Or is it just spyware? I've included a screen shot to show exactly what happens when i boot up my computer... I hope this helps to solve the problem.
Please help! I need a solution fast

Thanks, your input is much appreciated