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Thread: XP Problems

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    XP Problems

    Ok just upgraded PC to XP - its quite an old machine 128megs ram - PIII

    I only have IE, AVG, Outpost running and my CPU usage is at 100% oO

    Computer is above minimum spec for XP but I dont see how if this is what it is like normally - anyone got any ideas? I dont wanna see what it runs like when i start running Flash MX or Photoshop >_<;


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    Hi Val,

    I wouldn't like to run XP with less than 256Mb, preferably 512Mb particularly with things like Photoshop

    How fast is the processor, and what seems to be using all the resource?


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    I've often wondered myself how they come up with a minimum spec. I have XP on my office computer with 128 megs ram and it's definately a snoozer.... the first system I ever ran XP on had 256 megs, and an AMD (1300?? somwthing like that), and it was only marginally better.

    It seems to me that in order to run it under their minumum specs, pretty much every service would have to be shut off....

    I'm sure you have already checked to see what processes are running, and which process is using how many percent????

    I was just poking around, and 64 megs of ram is the minimum? Holy carp.....

    Here is an older article outlining some issues with XP due to unsupported hardware.

    EDIT: Pesky link, I think it's working now.

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    I don't even like running ME on 128Mb and I wouldn't fancy running XP on less than an 833MHz PIII. Well, not if I was going to run any serious apps


    For example, with a 933MHz and 128Mb of RAM running WinME, you can expect a 25% increase in performance by going to XP and about 15% from going to 512Mb, if you do them both together.

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    I dont think you spec's are the problem, I have had xp run on far below what is recomended, ok it was slow but it still works coraldraw, office, paintshop pro alll work fine as long as you are not in to much of a rush.

    I would look at what hardware you have and find the most upto date drivers available. maybe some of your software needs updating also.

    Did you upgrade to xp or fresh install.
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