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Thread: 'Extremely Critical' Security Hole Found In Mac OS X

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    'Extremely Critical' Security Hole Found In Mac OS X

    From this source.
    Security research group Secunia is warning all Mac OS X (news - web sites) users about what it calls a "highly critical" vulnerability. The vulnerability, Secunia says, affects all Mac OS X users who surf the Web using either Apple Computer's Safari Web browsers or Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

    According to Secunia's advisory, two security flaws can be used by malicious Web sites to remotely access at-risk systems. The security holes have been confirmed on systems running Mac OS X with either Safari 1.2.1 or Internet Explorer 5.2, Secunia says.
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    thanks for the heads up moxnix.
    Gen. A

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    The best info I've found on this topic comes from
    John Grubar's site...


    which was recommended by

    John Welch


    and since people looking for Macintosh Security... use Macintoshes...

    May I recommend www.yourmaclife.com a weekly internet radio show ...

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    all these warnings talk about URI handlers?(does that URI stand for uniform resource identifier?) what URI handlers? are they the help wizards and stuff?

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    Originally posted here by Phonedog911
    all these warnings talk about URI handlers?(does that URI stand for uniform resource identifier?) what URI handlers? are they the help wizards and stuff?

    Two vulnerabilities have been reported in Mac OS X, allowing malicious web sites to compromise a vulnerable system.

    1) The problem is that the "help" URI handler allows execution of arbitrary local scripts (.scpt) via the classic directory traversal character sequence using "help:runscript".

    2) It is also possible to silently place arbitrary files in a known location, including script files, on a user's system using the "disk" URI handler. Files on disk images can be executed without using the "help" URI handler.

    Various variants of the URI handler vulnerabilities are currently being discussed.
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    Got these from the E Letter of the people below, it includes other news on the Apple front
    ECT News Network: Business & Technology Newsletter
    Weekly Edition -- Wednesday -- May 26, 2004
    MAC | E-Commerce Times | TechNewsWorld | CRM Buyer | LinuxInsider

    This Week's Top News Headlines from MacNewsWorld:

    IBM's Jesse Stein on the G5's Roots
    (Posted 26-May-04)

    Apple, Oracle Plan Database Road Show
    (Posted 25-May-04)

    OS X Security Hole Bites Apple
    (Posted 24-May-04)

    Apple's Enterprise IT Battle Plan, Part Two
    (Posted 24-May-04)

    Resellers Look Forward to Mac Office 2004
    (Posted 22-May-04)

    Apple's Whole-Earth iPod Movement
    (Posted 21-May-04)

    Apple's Enterprise IT Battle Plan, Part One
    (Posted 21-May-04)

    Apple Carves Out New iPod Division
    (Posted 20-May-04)

    Newest Version of Mac Office Bridges Platform Gap
    (Posted 20-May-04)

    Doris Mitsch on Clarity and the Mac
    (Posted 20-May-04)

    OS X Security Flaw Plagues Web Browsers
    (Posted 19-May-04)

    IBM Puts Forth PowerPC Development Tools
    (Posted 19-May-04)

    ITunes: China's Latest Import
    (Posted 18-May-04)

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    Good segment on it from yourmaclife.... 1hour six minutes in...


    if you open with quicktime player... you can scroll to the exact spot... opening with a browser plugin you can scroll but with no time indicator you have to guess... its a 2:30 show...

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