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Why do you want to block it clientside?
Because I am receiving it at home (my email is provided via comcast.net and I have no admin rights on those servers).

Thanks for all the suggestions. I used Eudora back in '97 and stopped for reasons I cannot recall around 99. Might have been because I had off2k on a CD and not Eudora and got a new system (also the company I worked for rolled out outlook and it was nice to have the client at work and at home). From what I am reading I will take the following course of action evaluate Eudora, out 2003 and Mozilla Thunderbird along with IhateSpam and determine which I like the most and then go forward. Thanks all for you suggestions.


I've been lucky so far I receive very little spam on my corporate accounts. I tend give out a "special" yahoo mail account for purchases. Not sure who gave out my "real" personal account. But I'm moving and planning on a registering a domain when I get set up at the new location and migrating all my contacts to the domain account and letting the other one go idle. Will face new challenges when I do that. Too bad there is no easy solution.