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Ok, if I'm getting the drift here as long as there is no port 80 activity when I am not on the net I'm OK? Opening IE and going on the net does not open port 80 in a way that it becomes suddenly vulnerable. All of the IP's that suddenly appear to be on port 80 when I go to a site can only be related to that site and not some kind of attack. What about questionable sites (I've ended up at some looking for trojan etc info) ie. what can these linked IP's that show up as connected to port 80 do, do they have any access to my machine or the data on it?
make sure you keep up with all the latest patches, turn off things like activex and active scripting. if you do go to some questionable sites it would benifit you to set java scripting to prompt rather than just allow it. if your not patched then you may be owned.