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    Wll My AVG dosen't Detect anything malicious Nor Does Trend Micro's. Boy o Boy am i glad i have just Purchased Norton Just yesterday and i't Showing it's worth
    Hmmm.. AVG free version identified it as "PSW.Bumaf.B." Are you sure your ref file is up to date?

    I searched PSW.Bumaf.B on Google and nothing good came up... It seems like the problem has already been solved though.


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    Kaspersky's picks it up as nknhpelg.zip/Nknhpelg.exe - infected by Trojan.PSW.Bumaf.g

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    seems like the problem has already been solved though.
    No problems at all but yeah... I've got what I want now. I already knew of the existance of malware on that computer and I've taken control and dealt with all that. As I said before... WDASM was screwing up and I was curious.

    I rarely have any questions or use for anyone here so thanks I guess.

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    Somewhat sorted, but for future reference use Kaspersky's online virus check If others are unable to pick up the virus at hand.


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