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    We do care because if we teach someone how to break into a system, we're contradicting ourselves. (This thread not being the case)
    Good point, so noted.

    Geez, sounds like quite a problem you have there. How long have these attacks been occuring, and how frequent are they?

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    Sorry I have to share this:
    grhw73: hello
    spaztic: Hello
    grhw73: i have a question for you
    grhw73: i don't know if you could help me or not
    spaztic: Right.
    grhw73: i need to get into someone's email. do you know how to hack?
    spaztic: Yeah, that's easy
    grhw73: how?
    spaztic: Okay, first you need to get Winamp. Do you have winamp?
    grhw73: yep
    spaztic: Alright, you also need Solitaire. Have that?
    grhw73: yeah
    spaztic: Great
    grhw73: what do those have to do with hacking into someone's email
    grhw73: ?
    spaztic: Just listen
    grhw73: okay
    spaztic: Run Solitaire and try to win a game. If you win the game, open Winamp and press Ctrl+L.
    grhw73: okay
    spaztic: A box should appear and you should type an address. Let me get it for you...
    grhw73: get what?
    spaztic: The address
    grhw73: email address?
    spaztic: No, a different address.
    spaztic: The e-mail comes later
    grhw73: oh
    grhw73: got it. sorry.
    spaztic: Type in http://www.spiffyjuice.com/pikz/You%20Suck%20Final.mp3 and press Okay. Don't type in this address before you get into winamp.
    grhw73: ok
    grhw73: i'm working on winning a game of solitaire
    spaztic: Good!
    grhw73: can it be any way to play solitaire
    grhw73: or doe sit have to be a certain way
    spaztic: Alright, listen to what happens, then get up and make yourself a sandwich.
    spaztic: You can use 1 card draw if you want
    spaztic: Do you have a microphone?
    grhw73: no
    spaztic: Damn. Hmm
    spaztic: Okay, after you listen to what winamp plays, go to Start > Run and type in regedit
    spaztic: A new window will open with a bunch of information
    spaztic: Double click "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" and go to Display > Settings
    grhw73: this won't like crash my computer wil it?
    spaztic: Of course not
    grhw73: are you sure?
    spaztic: Yeah, I do this every Saturday
    grhw73: really?
    grhw73: to who?
    spaztic: You know, random people, to steal their credit card information and make them download gay porn and whatnot.
    grhw73: are you serious?
    spaztic: Would I lie?
    grhw73: yes
    spaztic: Good point
    grhw73: so are you serious or no?
    spaztic: Okay, then opening up Internet Explorer and type in http://www.omgwtf.com
    spaztic: Just try it and you'll see
    spaztic: After that, go to the website of the person you want to hack.
    grhw73: they don't have a website
    grhw73: it's just their email address
    spaztic: Do they use an web address to check their email? Or like Outlook or something?
    grhw73: ummm no it's aol'
    spaztic: Ohhhh
    spaztic: In that case, you'd better fetch some bacon for that sandwich
    grhw73: is it harder to hack into aol?
    spaztic: Well, it's a different process
    grhw73: oh so I won a game of Solitaire for nothing?
    grhw73: lol
    spaztic: I'm afraid so
    grhw73: oh well.
    grhw73: so how does the aol thing work
    spaztic: Okay, you can get into an aol account from http://www.aol.com I'm pretty sure.
    grhw73: how so?
    grhw73: I've tried hitting the Forgotten password link
    spaztic: Open it up, I'm pretty sure
    grhw73: and all it says is to put in your screen name and it emails it to you
    spaztic: Type in their name and password and click Okay and you should be able to get in.
    grhw73: no
    grhw73: I don't have their password
    grhw73: I'm trying to get it
    spaztic: You don't have their password?
    grhw73: no
    spaztic: Man, what kind of hacker are you
    grhw73: a beginner
    spaztic: You might as well call them up and ask them for it
    grhw73: no I doubt that would work
    grhw73: so there's no way to get it?
    spaztic: You might try bribing them with a toaster or some type of bird
    grhw73: I doubt it
    spaztic: As far as anything else goes, AOL is fairly inpenetrable
    grhw73: what about like a college online account
    grhw73: such as owens community college
    grhw73: are those easy
    spaztic: Owens, nice.
    grhw73: nice as in easy or nice as in something else?
    spaztic: Nice as in who are you?
    grhw73: who am I? who are you?
    grhw73: I just picked someone random
    grhw73: hello?
    spaztic: You IMed me asking me how to hack into Owens? It seems like quite a coincidence to me
    grhw73: what do you mean?
    spaztic: I live fairly close to owens
    grhw73: I don't know anything about you
    grhw73: oh, I had no idea.. i swear
    spaztic: It's not like I go there..
    spaztic: I just thought you might be someone I already know
    grhw73: oh
    grhw73: no I doubt it
    spaztic: Trying to PLAY ME cracka
    grhw73: I'm not from around here
    grhw73: i know someone who goes there
    spaztic: "Around here?"
    grhw73: yeah
    grhw73: around here
    spaztic: In any case, close solitaire and winamp and throw away that sandwich
    grhw73: okay
    grhw73: ...
    grhw73: Already did that
    spaztic: Go to Start > Run and type telnet.exe
    grhw73: okay
    grhw73: and
    spaztic: Have you done that?
    grhw73: yes
    spaztic: Okay, what do you see?
    grhw73: a black screen
    grhw73: like a DOS thing
    grhw73: welcome to microsoft telnet client
    spaztic: Good, just making sure
    grhw73: okay
    spaztic: type this:
    spaztic: open http://www.owens.edu 80
    spaztic: Have you?
    grhw73: it says Connect failed
    grhw73: on port 80
    spaztic: hmm
    spaztic: try changing 80 to 21 or 23
    grhw73: is there a space between the .edu and the 80
    grhw73: or 21 or 23
    spaztic: Yes
    grhw73: okay
    grhw73: then none of them work
    spaztic: That's really weird
    grhw73: I am typing:
    spaztic: I don't know what to tell you. Do you have a firewall or proxy set up?
    grhw73: open http://www.owens.edu 80
    grhw73: I don't know
    grhw73: how do I check that
    spaztic: That's correct as far as I know
    grhw73: lol
    spaztic: You probably don't
    grhw73: I'm on a cable modem... does that have anything to do with it
    spaztic: Is your computer hooked directly to the cable modem or are you on a network?
    grhw73: no, I'm hooked directly to the modem
    grhw73: I used to be on a network though
    spaztic: Alright, then you're fine
    grhw73: but I've recently moved
    spaztic: Moved to a new house?
    grhw73: yes
    spaztic: What color are the walls?
    grhw73: a light tannish brown
    spaztic: Okay, then you definetly don't have a firewall
    grhw73: so what do i do now? nothing?
    spaztic: Hmm. Close down telnet and go back to start > run and type command.com
    spaztic: That opens up dos
    grhw73: OK I see another DOS screen
    spaztic: great
    spaztic: Type cd\
    spaztic: then type:
    spaztic: net send Testing
    grhw73: does it take a minute for it to do something
    spaztic: It shouldn't take more than a couple seconds. Did you get a message?
    grhw73: because it hasn't done anything
    grhw73: no
    spaztic: Did it say bad command or file name or anything?
    grhw73: here's what I got
    grhw73: An error occurred while sending a message to The message alias could not be found on the network. More help is available by typing NET HELPMSG 2273
    spaztic: Wow, that's suprising
    grhw73: why?
    spaztic: is yourself, it's weird that you don't exist. Are you sure you're not some kind of bot?
    spaztic: I know karate.
    grhw73: lol
    grhw73: no, I don't think so
    spaztic: You don't think I know karate?
    grhw73: I don't think I'm some kind of bot
    spaztic: If you say so, sir
    spaztic: Anyway
    grhw73: anywa?
    grhw73: anyway*
    spaztic: owens.edu's IP address is
    spaztic: Go back into dos and type:
    spaztic: net send UN PW
    spaztic: Tell me if it says it sent correctly.
    grhw73: trying it now
    grhw73: were you serious about hacking in to get peoples credit cards and buying gay porn?
    grhw73: it said the same thing again
    grhw73: an error occurred
    spaztic: The gay porn thing was only on someone I really disliked
    grhw73: oooo, tell me more!
    grhw73: should I try typing that NETHELPMSG 2273 thing?
    spaztic: Well, one time in 1st grade he stepped on my foot and dirtied my shoelace, and exactly 10 years later the Packers won the superbowl.
    spaztic: No, don't bother
    grhw73: anything else I can try?
    spaztic: I don't think so, except look out for the cops
    spaztic: They can intercept net send requests but usually it's no big deal.
    grhw73: ah
    grhw73: got it
    spaztic: Cause there's so much traffic
    spaztic: So who are you trying to HAX0r
    grhw73: oh, just somebody who really betrayed me. i want to know what they said about me to someone else
    spaztic: Neat. You should send that in to as the world turns or something



    back to the point ... I dont think you have set up zone alarm correctly. Uninstall it, trash it, buy a router and hook it up.

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    Reply to Cybr1d:

    Thanks for staying with this issue.

    Starting my puter in safe mode is one of the recommendations Stop Sign made to me in our exchange of emails post-disaster. It will be one thing I do in the future. As to Spybot, I deleted all of that type of software except TDS-3 when I installed Stop Sign, at their request. (In the latest attack TDS-3 was quarantained by Stop Sign) They are the complete packate: AV and anti-trojan. Stop Sign was effective in stopping the No Close virus which crippled my system earlier in the year.

    In my scenario, the hacker saw that this strategy wasn't working and came up with a different attack, which proved to be highly effective. Maybe you are right that this is the work of a simple virus released into cyberspace. I really don't know. It's awfully cunning, though.

    One think I noticed is that the attacks, which included the No Close virus window, usually came at the same time of day. Does this mean that the hacker is "viewing" me in real time and shooting viruses at me like bullets? If so, would it make sense to avoid that time of day to go online?

    My business is with Cafepress.com.

    Thanks for your input.

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    Dude, Cyb, that was awesome. I salute you.

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    It will be one thing I do in the future
    Do it now...not in the future....

    Dude, Cyb, that was awesome. I salute you
    Half hour later I get what you were saying...LOL that wasn't me who did that...I stumbled on that searching for some hacking news on the net

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    Originally posted here by Cybr1d

    to the previous question: is not the hacker...its your own computer trying to do something funky...see if everything is set-up properly.
    Um.. no.. this is a PIX firewall... and these attacks are coming in on the outside interface as
    Well.. I guess they could be using multiple computers.. having this one doing "one-way" attacks... ?
    So... with other words.. if they are doing this, there won't be an easy way to back track them?
    Only thing is to make sure the firewall denies that kind of access?

    Well... lets do a different scenario; what if somebody spoofs an address from a different country or something... would that be any easier to backtrack??

    Maaaan!! HAHA!!! Listener, you better be careful following Cybr1ds suggestions!! hehe!!!!

    Cybr1d: Are you in an IRC chat channel or something?!

    Oh... I see now that you edited your previous message.. nevermind my IRC question...

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    Reply to Cybr1d

    I'm writing from a different computer; mine is still in the shop. That's what I mean by "in the future."

    Is a router for a stand alone PC? I thought they were for networks. But then, I'm a newbie.

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    you could use a router for just 1 PC

    ====Internet..>>>>>>Cable/DSL modem>>>>>>>>Router>>>>>>PC

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    Cybr1d, that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen! You are henceforth the Chinese h4x0|2 ...known as |2337, or "Reet"
    I\'m back.

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