Hey everyone! I have looked on google and around here but I havent found an answer. I want to perminantly set the priority for iexplore.exe to high. Right now I am at someone's computer - not mine or I'd change it - which is running rtvscan.exe (Symantec) and it's pulling over 90% usage... almost all the time. I'm concerned because it's a 2.2 GHz! ... it is a celeron so that is another issue but still... it shouldnt be running that high. I cannot lower its priority and I cant remove it... not my computer. I can however highten the priority of another program. They wouldnt know that. So instead of having to, every time, increase the priority... how do I set it perminantly? I looked on google, looked in the help for ie, looked on ao, havent found anything. Thanks anyone! ;-)