She won't even notice the difference, it willl pop up in the taskbar for half a second and run ie in high priority.
Try @start /B /HIGH c:\progra~1\intern~1\iexplore.exe . There is NO difference.

I'm using Symantec/Norton AV 7.61.937 (always keep updated). You can lower the CPU utilization it uses: go to Scan->Scan Computer->Options->CPU Utilization and move the sliding bar to the left (low). Then click Save Settings. It will take effect on the next scan of course.

Personally, I'd set a schedule which is convenient for me, leave NAV alone while scanning, and use the computer again after it's completed. I've seen many times it takes up to 90% CPU (mine is P3-1.2GHz). Do you have lots of compressed files or directories with lots of small files like me? Anyway, by lowering its priority, it will take forever to scan.

On which computer you want IE to be given more priority than NAV? If it's not yours, can you really install/uninstall/patch anything as suggested by some members?

Peace always,