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    phishphreek80, yeah. I mailed them, asking them if its possible to have the cd mailed to me.
    Downloading it is a nightmare. I cant even use my BitchX client, without laaaaaaging 25 secs whilst downloading. If they cant mail it to me, i will ask some people in here if they would

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    Iäm using it right now. Its reallz fast. However the kezboard is messing up.

    I canät seem to find a waz to change it to US English_

    Kind of freakz reallz...

    Hope zou can understand what I wrote....

    EDIT: Well, the KB layout was all weird. I'll have to play with it later... I just booted into it to see the interface. Its not too bad. Simple, clean and fast. It has plenty of tools too.
    I looked in the /etc/X11/XF86Config and the config was wrong. Maybe I just didn't boot into it right. Dunno. I'll play more tonight. Looks like a lot of fun can be had with this though.
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    Very nice. Another live Security Distro.
    This would not be limited to just facilitating wardriving as it seems from the tools listing.

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