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Thread: What os's are there?

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    Question What os's are there?

    Hey I was just woundering what operating systems are accually out there. I mean i know there is Linux, Windows and apple that are the main 3 but what are there besides that?

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    Many variants of Linux, DOS, Phlak(basicly linux) Menuet OS, MacOS, BSD, SunOS, Unix, PalmOS, Solaris, HOPE, 2K(SPINE), Aegis, OSDEV, UniqueOS, Anatres OS, SQOS, LOS, Anatres OS, TINOS, Xinu, coniX, JavaOS,

    there are many more, those some i found now and i could think of.

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    Wow thats more then i thought.

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    ah i dont have anything to do so....

    IRIX, CTIX, Unicos, MVS, CMS, IOS, Dynix, Esix, Coherent, Venix, AmigaDOS, CCOS, MPE, NextStep, Eunice, Emoeba, Oberon, Plan 9 , Yoctix, Skyrider, FLOPS, Ambrosia, Demos, Aeon, ACADOS, MITUX, MoDis, MINIX, NeXus, NYA OS, POSIX, Proolix, Plurix, ReactOS, Raduga. TornadoOS, ITRON, VSTa OS, WinX, (Windows NO Clone), ZEUS, EROS, Dolphin, Donio, Drops, DemOS, COSY, BatOS, Ara, Artemis, AsBestOS, Albatross,

    there are more, just search google if you're that interested....

    I'm bored

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    Search is a nice function of AO... But if you look at Operating System Forum, their a little thread made by Gore that is sticky that will answer your question.

    -Simon \"SDK\"

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