I'm having some major issues repairing a DELL 4500S series computer. It was infected with sasser, sobig, and a bunch of other trojans and worms. After I cleaned most of them up, using stinger, it looks stable. The problem is...that the Display is stuck on 640x480 with a 16bit Color quality.

I need to update the drivers on the video card...but cannot find them, because I do not know what video card it has (integrated). Under device manager, It says Video Controller (VGA Compatible) under the "other devices" with an exlamation point.

I tried installing NAV, but it wasn't letting me run liveupdate for some reason...so I guess i'll run housecall on that.

The computer came with WinXP home edition. I installed Professional edition...but nothing got fixed. I'll install home edition again. Another problem is that, even though I am connected to the internet, It will not allow me to run windows update...its says connection problem (another worm that I might have missed?).

I'm planning on completely deleting this partition first, and then creating a new partition and reinstalling XP fresh.

BTW...how do I run Fdisk in XP? Once I boot up...what do I do?