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No no no no... not at all. Mostly everything I make & post up here is done as a joke. The last time I made a port scanner in VB & posted it here I claimed "source commenting is for retards" shortly before one of the first things peaple responded and complained about was the lack of commenting and readability of the code.

If im not mistaken I beleave I also re-named a few variables & things as comic book characters, if you can actually read through it you'll also notice one's value is incorrect and I did it all just for shits and giggles. I dunno basicly just to see who would say something about it as opposed to who would mindlessly thank me for it one way or the other.

Ummm... I thought it was kinda funny & others didn't. I guess you had to have been there and seen it.

As a joke? The only thing funny about the port scanner you "wrote", and I use the term loosely here, was the fact that you posted it in a public forum. It was truly bad. From the James Bond / cartoon interface, to the superhero naming convention, to the myriad of nested loops, to the default names of form elements ... It gave me diarrhea.