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Thread: best tweaker

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    there is a guide since I am too lazy to explain it myself at this late hour.

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    Litestep is the best for changing/ hacking your shell

    StyleXP is a great themeing program

    Wincustimize is great for changing logon and startup screens

    Object Desktop is good for Icons

    Resource Hacker can and will do anything, especially blow your OS up

    Any and all Powertoys. Especailly the multiple desktop one...IF YOU DON'T HAVE IT GET IT IS VERY HANDY!!!

    Sorry that I don't have time to get you all the links, but just put those names in google and it is a sure shot!

    Also Serious Samurize is cool for making Desktop monitors (just handy and cool looking)
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    mjk i wrote a step by step guide in my Tut ...

    Change Start Caption.....

    first make a back up of your Explorer.exe file

    Download Resource Hacker from here http://www.softnews.ro/public/cat/5/4/5-4-5.shtml install it and Run the program

    .... open the file explorer from your drive:/windows/explorer.exe when you open it on the left site menu there are some

    options ...slick on the little plus next to String Tables... then click on the pl;us next to the number 37 and click on

    1033...now on the right side it says somethin like this

    578, " start"

    replace the start with whatever you want to appear on your Start Button.....
    after that Shoose File->Save As -> type in Whateverexplorer.exe and save it somewhere on your desktop.....
    Now go to regedit ( start->run->regedit )
    go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - > SOFTWARE ->Microsoft - > Windows NT - > WinLogon.... on the right side

    find an entry called Shell ... double click it ...now replace explorer.exe with your new created explorer filename...close

    regedit..... now Cut your new created Explorer.exe and paste it in the Windows directory .... restart your computer ...and

    enjoy the new Start Caption .....

    btw: www.themexp.org is very good

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    Re: best tweaker

    Originally posted here by disturb
    what is the best tweaking program that can tweak the most things for windows
    1. RUN (built in to Windows)

    2.Xteq X-Setup

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    The Registry

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    Correct InfoTech~

    But I would be cautious about recommending it to others? ...........I am a cautious guy.........will install new 60Gb into XP box to do the full Linspire tomorrow.............nasty buggers charged me $35 in duty to bring it into the country as well .........that's Linspire, not the HDD.........

    I guess I will partition it into 3x 20Gbs.........then I can try some other *nix distros as well?

    I will keep you all informed

    Good luck

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    www.tweakxp.com is the best one for tweaking windows xp i have come across aswell .. however as mentioned just go to www.google.com and search for "tweaking windows {whatever os}" or something along those lines and you will find heaps of sites with handy hints......... it all evolves around the registry ..

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    Window Blinds is God...for XP.
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