Well, pretty much I have this old computer sitting in my room, I've tried setting it up with Mandrake, but I keep getting distracted from getting too serious about learning how to get used to its different interface (Don't ask my why). But anyways. What I'm asking from those of you who have done experiments with old systems....Whats both fun and teaches me something in the process?
The systems specs are as follows, just for limitation purposes
Intel Celeron 400 MHz
128 MB PC133 SDRAM
6GB harddrive...But I have only 4 are usable, I've been meaning to look into that too.
Onboard Sound and graphics.
Ethernet and Modem PCI cards

Internet connection is DSL, hope to me moving up to a 3mbps broadband connection soon.
Connected to the internet through a Router (2 other computers sharing the connection)

Mandrake is currently installed, Formatting is no problem though, if you're idea requires it.

This computer is located in the same room as the router and DSL modem, and is right next to my main computer (Currently on WinXp Pro if it matters).

Now that I've kinda rambled on for a while, I'll let you all suggest some ideas on what to do with it.