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    You have yourself a deal sir!

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    Angelic: I'll give you a start.....

    I'm writing a tutorial entitled "TCP Flags: Their use and abuse" that I hope you will find interesting. With luck I'll have it done by tonight, if not then by tomorrow.
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    Ooh yeah, that's exactly what I need! I'll definately be watching for that one.

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    You might check out Inside the Security Mind; Making the Tough Decisions by Kevin Day.

    It's a relatively new book (2003), and the author's approach to security is very different from most books I've read on the topic. It teaches readers how to "think security" rather than smothering them with elaborate detail - it kind of simplifies the subject without "dumbing it down." Besides, you've always got AO for the specifics...

    I found it to be practical and easy to read, and it made an excellent source for my research class last semester (topic: Internet Security... I got an A!)

    Anyway, reading this post just reminded me of it - might be helpful for a novice network admin that's been "thrown to the wolves"...

    -Wiski C.
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    alot of these posts about attacks from you are internet noise and asking what SYN/ACK is any admin would have learned at least the basics of tcp/ip before being let loose in a real world scenario so my question to you is how did you get a job as an admin ?
    I believe the exact opposite is true. If you look out across any given city there are thousands of small business' all hooked up to the internet. Perhaps as much as 10 percent of them will have an admin and 50 percent won't have any knowledgable computer user on staff. When stuff breaks they call a computer geek who is there 30 minutes and out. I'm not being rude either, but I enjoy the questions posted by Angelic, even when rudimentary.
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    That rings true, this company did not have an admin at all until recently. The President was the only one knowledgable in IT and doubled as the main IT guy (now there's a wearing of multiple hats!). When he finally reached the point he couldn't juggle it all, he decided to hire someone. Enter me. He still does a lot of work himself even now, so I either admin on my own or I'm doing work supporting him.

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