Yawn.. New Virii scanner
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Thread: Yawn.. New Virii scanner

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    Yawn.. New Virii scanner

    So uh.. i've been out of the game for a long time now and am feeling kinda lame (hey that rhymes) but it doesnt rhyme with lazy.

    Anyway, whats the best virii scanner out right now?

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    sophos beyond a doubt
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    What is the best free virus scanner? Is Sophos free?
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    Anyway, whats the best virii scanner out right now?
    i suspect you are refering for winduz.. but Sophos seem to do one for RH.. and there was another.. lost the link..

    For Win Xpee and for free, it would have to be AVG
    But sad to say if you want to pay.. the NAV and McAfee you will have to stay away..
    But Sophos from the above advice you may need to considder, along with Command

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    How does something like PCillin rate?

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    Trend Micro's PC-Cillin works pretty well for me, I have it on a couple of boxes.

    Don't forget:


    Which is their free, online, on demand scanner. Very good for a second opinion.

    Also e-Trust eZArmour is free until the end of the year at least.

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    Originally posted here by Tedob1
    sophos beyond a doubt
    I second that, I use it with my linux box.

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    I use AVG, but Sophos is new on me. Is there anything that makes Sophos the better of the two?

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    I have PC-Cillin for both my Win boxes and Sopho's for my OpenBSD box.
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    I use PC-Cillin aswell, never had a problem with it, at home however i dont use any :\

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