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Thread: I have Avirus

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    Right,all you guys simmer down,he hasnt said a bloody thing in ages! lol,not that I think he's got anything left he CAN say..but bah...

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    NO .. if u think that m Lying , think so .. _|_
    annihilator_god : NOp . the same ..

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    "Case proven.................guilty as charged"?????????????

    Well if not of that, of crass stupidity at the least. If you have Administrator and cannot fix the problem, given the advice that was provided, then you should not have Administrator?

    If you ask a question and do not take the advice given, or cannot take the advice given, why ask in the first place?

    Now, if you don't have Administrator and want to get it, that would be somewhat different question from "I have a virus" (but won't run any AV software) would it not?

    Just my view

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    Hey NasRaT, quit whilst your behind but still have that little green dot next to your name, I think the reason people have been reasonable with you is because this is essentially your first post.

    Just incase I/we are wrong about you though, what happens when you try to uninstall and then reinstall your Anti-Virus?
    Drugs have taught an entire generation of kids the metric system.


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    Its not installing ...
    the NAV says that its already installed ...
    and the AVG has time out .. and not working

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