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Thread: stumped.

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    Well thanks for the pointer nihil, sorry i couldn't post this reply sooner.
    I haven't had a chance to relax since returning from the States.
    Anyhow i read all the post's and i kinda of understand what you guys are saying, i've done a little bit of google research and i'm going to investigate this more as it's really sparked a keen interest for me..
    So thanks for the pointers and advice i'll be using them soon, just thought of a project i can do..


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    Just out of curiosity, do you know for a fact that your CPU is 450 MHz? That may seem like a dumb question but many a CPU has been sold at its max overclocking capacity, rather than its actual speed. Unfortunately, I see that type of thing all the time. If you have a users manual for your system or better yet, your motherboard, it will show you where any jumpers are located that control the CPU speed. The manual will also point out any Bios settings where adjustments can be made. Do you happen to know the make/model number of your computer system or motherboard? I'd be happy to help you locate additional information for your particular system.

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    Well thanks vvirtho, i know that my CPU is a 450Mhz, and when you underclock it, it reads at 300Mhz.
    And when i take the casing of and move the jumpers i can get anything from 500Mhz to 650Mhz
    But when i OverClock it to 650Mhz the Computer just crashes after booting into Windows.
    So now that it's running at 300Mhz with 300Mb Ram it's running perfectly although i found when i play Cpu intense games it tends to jump a little bit, but all i gotta do is get around to it and install another Fan..

    Thanks anyhow for the offer.

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