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    Are you by any chance using exactly the same computer as you did in the past, like before you moved?

    Please answer this question, it is VERY important

    Good luck and God bless


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    That's the problem -- like I said in my original e-mail -- the person will not come out and make a physical, violent threat... only elude. What scares me is that they somehow know everything about me... they destroyed my job and my marriage by knowing enough of the truth to spin horrible lies.

    The above, suggests to me that you DO know who this attacker is.........
    by knowing enough of the truth
    You have the answer, and it is in YOUR past, It is not for us to judge, You have tried to get the authorities involved, and now you want the help off the AO cadre. This in itself is not a bad idea, the problem lies in what you can ALLOW us to see.

    To recap:
    dump your present ISP.
    For online mails, use a cyber cafe.
    Do not use the instant messaging services.
    You are in the goddamn military, if the perp comes to town,
    open a large can of whuppass on him.
    Live for the NOW, Do not look back.
    Life IS too short.
    Life is GOOD.
    Learn to live / forget / forgive.
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    have you responded to their emails and has s/he/they acknowledged in any way that you did?

    if they open the email you send to that accountl there is maybe something we could do to track'em down using a web-bug.

    I’m not familiar with Yahoo mail but if its html based you can hide (embed) a one pixel transparent graphic in it that loads from a web server on yours or someone else’s computer. Keep that computer on and watch the logs for a request for that graphic. Being as the email is actually viewed on the computer that opens it.(the perp’s) you can get the actual ip of the computer its being viewed on and at least match that to an account. You might find their running kazaa and get a user name that way. There’s allot you can do once you find the ip/account.

    If yahoo is text only you can title your email “do you want money?” and in the body set a link for a document /picture (set up same as above) and give some reason to entice them to click on it. Like maybe “ I think you should see this before you really get yourself in trouble” or “heres my financial situation”. Well you get the idea.
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